Understanding the basics and simple methodology of Auto Insurance

Keisler Engineering has a really useful tool on their website called a Speed Analyzer. You can type in the tire size printed on your sidewall (i.e. 235/60-15), choose an engine RPM that you want to cruise at on the highway, and then you can see what MPH that combination will yield with your axle ratio. If you play with different tire sizes, you can see how much difference a tall tire makes, and make sure that you are choosing a TKO that will keep your engine happy on the highway. Give Keisler Engineering a call at (865) 609-8187 for more information on TKO transmissions and what it takes to install one in your muscle car or street rod.

Do you remember the middle of last summer? Strawberries were ripening and the two Red Bull cars were dominating the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The new roof on Wimbledon's centre court was ready for action as the organisers of Britain's premier tennis tournament promised competitors that rain couldn't spoil proceedings. As it turned out we weren't treated to a typical Wimbledon because the rain hardly fell and we were able to enjoy two glorious weeks of high quality sport in the sun, culminating in a fantastic nail-biting final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. In one of the best finals ever, the last set was fought out over 30 games, with Federer taking the match 16-14 and winning the longest Wimbledon final ever. TV audiences were measured at a record 11.1 million towards the end of the match, illustrating the impact a high quality sporting event can have on the UK population.

A non-principal operator doesn't have a vehicle and, as an occasional driver, puts on less than 25 percent of the total miles - except in New York, PA, and SC, which are the only states that allow non-principal operators to drive up to 50 % of the total mileage.

It is no surprise that SUVs are among the most popular cars in the United States. SUVs provide amble room, and can handle adverse driving conditions and surfaces. They are the perfect vehicle for the busy family on the go. There are a number of problems with SUVs, however, that need to be kept in mind while purchasing any new vehicle in order to ensure that you can purchase the very best SUV for you and your family.

People quite often feel offended or upset if they perceive themselves as being classified as high risk. It is important however to understand the concept from an insurance point of view to understand what it means, how it affects them and why it can make a huge difference to what they pay for their insurance company. If people understand why they are classified as high risk, then they can do whatever they can to minimize that risk, and pay less of a premium accordingly.

To get the best car accessories for a teen, you should know about the likes and the dislikes of the teen. Boys and girls will not be happy with the same accessories and you should put this into account. You should also consider the age, the type of the car, and the longevity of the accessory. Instead of an expensive gadget, you should consider car detailing as a gift. Car detailing is all about doing a thorough cleaning on the car – this is particularly important on older cars. You should check whether the teen has already done a thorough cleaning before giving this gift. Seat covers are a cool car accessory for teens. These can be waterproof or leather for boys and fuzzy for girls, but it depends on individual taste. You should make sure that the car seats you are giving are better than what is in the car.