The Number Of Fraudulent ‘fronting' Cases Rises Amongst Car Insurance Claims

So you have decided the advantages that the TKO five speed provides are worth the expense and effort. Now, the question is which one is the best match for your car? Do you want the extra deep first gear in the TKO500, or would the closer gear spacing of the TKO600 be a better match for your combination? Should you opt for the 0.82 overdrive ratio in the TKO600 instead of the 0.64? If you have a Ford, which input shaft do you need?

But one aspect of a big sporting event appearing regularly on our televsions was never going to be changed and that was the resurgence of interest in tennis that follows the Wimbledon tournament.

Finally, consider getting a separate policy for your teenage driver. When you add a separate policy onto your existing car insurance your rates will not be affected if your teenage driver has an accident or ticket. Many insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts, so this is a good way to save some money and keep your teenage driver safe.

For instance, if you're a single male under age 21 living at home and make the above adjustments, instead of facing a $720 or $1,080 principal operator rate, you may pay as little as $374 ($720 X .65 non-principal driver credit = $468 X .80 multi-car discount - $374) for a forty eight percent savings.

Fuel economy is always a concern when buying a new SUV. The average SUV is 33 per cent less fuel efficient that the average passenger car; with rising fuel prices, that can translate into an expensive drive. For instance, if you drive 15,000 miles a year with gas prices at $1.15 a gallon, you will end up spending an extra $420 a year on gas.

There are three main groups of high risk drivers from an insurance point of view. Two are fairly obvious, people that insurers classify as young and people they classify as elderly. Insurers tend to classify young drivers as those between the ages of seventeen and twenty five, although some insurance companies may apply different age limits.

Some car accessories for teens may seem boring, but they are practical and they will be appreciated. These include such things as car emergency kits, flashlights, collapsible snow shovels, and jumper cables. Many teens will not buy these accessories and so you will be increasing their safety. You may even buy a spare tire if the teen has none. Another good idea is an organizer for registration and insurance papers. Remote car starters costs around $100, but they are very popular with teenagers. You do not need to have it installed by a professional since many of the major retail chains offer the service free of charge. You can give the teen car accessories that are weather related. This means your choice of accessory will depend on where the teen will be doing most of the driving. If the weather is usually hot, you can give sun visors for the windshield and if the weather is usually cold, you can give snow brushes or ice scrapers.